Świnska grypa 1976-1977 w USA

Materiały dotyczące pandemii świnskiej grypy i szczepień w USA w latach 1976-1977:

  • Raport telewizyjnej stacji CBS „60 Minutes” (część I , część II) pokazujący ówczesną propagandę i wywiad z dyrektorem CDC Davidem Sencerem:

The killer never came. The fact that it was feared is one of many things to show how  little  experts  understand  the  flu,  and  thus  how  shaky  are  the  health  initiatives launched in its name. What influenza needs, above all, is research. Decision-making for the swine flu program had seven leading features. To simplify somewhat, they are:

  • Overconfidence by specialists in theories spun from meagre evidence.
  • Conviction fueled by a conjunction of some preexisting personal agendas.
  • Zeal by health professionals to make their lay superiors do right.
  • Premature commitment to deciding more than had to be decided.
  • Failure to address uncertainties in such a way as to prepare for reconsideration.
  • Insufficient  questioning  of  scientific  logic  and  of  implementation  prospects.
  • Insensitivity  to  media  relations  and  the  long-term  credibility  of  institutions.

These and other features are discussed and qualified below.

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